"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul."
Joseph Addison  English politician, writer and poet

What we do:

1. Donation teaching materials and train the teachers program:

With the teaching materials and programs that Bayu Foundation has put together, and with the help of volunteers, we join hands with local teachers and orphanage staff. We assist local teachers in their full classrooms, integrate and teach English conversation lessons, donate books to start a small library, develop a more active lesson approach with the teachers.

We have established a standard teaching aids package, containing flashcards, worksheets, books, crafts materials and much more to teach English conversation and games to the children. Also we offer a workshop to the local school teachers to train them to include these materials in their lessons and enhance their teaching skills, making the lessons active and exciting for both students and teachers.

Every school has different needs and requests from our volunteers and our foundation. We aim to answer to THEIR needs in the best possible way. We believe that communication in any form is crucial in our work. We discuss, listen, prepare, and evaluate with teachers and headmasters at any moment during the projects, and will follow up on our schools several times a year.

Leaving the schools with enough tools and knowledge to improve their curriculum and continue on this path, we will than move on to other schools and will try to help as many children and teachers as possible.

2. One Week Holiday English Program

During school holidays we join hands with the local teachers and organize during 5 days, an afternoon English and activities program. The children learn to overcome their shyness to use English in a play full and dynamic way and start to use short English phrases, learn games, crafts and sports and much more!

During this week we work with our lesson materials such as flashcards, worksheets and reading books, and train the local teachers to improve their lessons and integrate the use of teaching aids and action and play.

Depending on the budget, we will donate the lesson materials, used during the week, and crafts and sports materials (scissors, glue, carton paper …)

Several weeks after the program, we meet again with the staff and headmaster and reflect on and discuss the passed week, thus involving to a maximum the teachers and enhancing the program’s impact on their educational system.

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