Although primary school is free in Indonesia, the governmental financial aid to provide decent schooling is far from accurate and many schools and teaching staff still face a number of challenges, in order to teach and prepare the children for a successful life:

• Lack of books and adequate curriculums,
Lack of experienced and well educated staff,
Overfull classes (> 45 children),
No class materials.

With all this information we have established a data base of teaching tools, class materials, and reading books. We offer to work with the local school teachers on their teaching skills, using these materials and making the lessons active and exciting for both students and teachers.
But we do not only aim to work on their educational skills. We also help them grow in their emotional and spiritual well being. We teach, play, discover, reflect and learn… we show them how to be investigators, risk takers, care takers… with a positive look at their future.