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We aim to establish recurring help on each project in order to enhance the quality of our input. Esteeming that quality is more important than quantity; we do not work on more than several projects.

Since April 2010, Bayu Foundation works together with the following schools and orphanages:

(SD= Sekolah Dasar, Primary School, TK= Taman Kanak Kanak, Kindergarten)

1. SD Negeri Belandingan

In the remote area of mount Batur, in the mountains, lays the village of Belandingan. Only since a couple of years, a road connects the traditional village to the rest of Bali. There is no running water; houses are built from bamboo and straw, and the approximately 140 households lack many of the basic necessities.

The local primary school as well, is poorly equipped. Only the basic tools are supplied by the Government. Though, during a former visit, the teachers strongly expressed the wish to start an English curriculum for the children and were looking as well for a training for the teachers, since no-body speaks English !

Having established a 1 week training and activities program in Belandingan during the month of June 2011, with hundreds of flashcards, games and activities to help teachers offer dynamic and playful lessons. With that, we program a training for the teachers to learn working with the materials.

2. SD Negeri 2, Desa Siangan/Ubud

We have started in this local village school, close to Ubud in May 2010 developing and integrating English lessons in the curriculum of SD students and assisting the local teachers. We will organize a sponsored outing in August 2010.

1 week Holiday Program, 17th-20th May 2010

During the school holidays of May 2010, Bayu, together with our friends and sponsors Sacha Otten and Piet Hein van Buuren, has organized a 4 day English program for class 4 and 5 of SD Negeri 2 in Siangan.

A report about their finding working with Bayu Foundation will be sent to the department of education of Bali by the school headmaster. We are very proud of our collaboration with this village school and their efforts to improve their educational curriculum! We will definitely continue our work together !!