“I’m not afraid of storms, I’m learning to sail my own ship”

The Bayu Foundation Teaching Box

All the activities of the Bayu Foundation are centered around the teaching materials that we have developed.

The materials are multifunctional and aim to enclose a variety of skills, necessary to grow into independent, creative people.

If the main idea, of course, is to facilitate the teaching and learning of the English language on a broader scale and by doing so, enhance the chances for a better life, it also aims to encourage several other aspects of human learning which are indispensable: the use of Creativity during the learning process.

We believe that creativity is one of the most important skills we possess to confront life's challenges and find ways to solve problems and increase our life standards.

Children still have an abundance of creativity. By encouragement, practice and fun, this abundance will be used to its full potential and create happy, pro active and positive thinkers.

By offering a variety of themes (environmental, scientific, etc) and learning items, we develop their curiosity to the world around them, opening their eyes and giving them a sense of belonging.