“The beginning is always today”

Sponsor possibilities:

In order to keep the projects viable in the forthcoming years and to develop the centre to its full potential, we need help.

We have been able to sustain and develop our help thanks to the kind donations of many individuals and well known companies. They see their donation to the Bayu Foundation as a responsible one, since Bayu Foundation uses their donations wisely. The costs of the Foundation are minimal because we are present in Bali and execute the programs ourselves. As we buy all the necessary materials in Bali, this means we also help the Bali community.

It is never a one man or woman act that can make the difference… Joining forces, means, passion and energy will make the change.

Sponsor a school

Donation of the Bayu teaching materials box plus the training of the teachers

Sponsor an outing

A day outing for 45 children of a local school : Euro 200,-
An outing includes transport, guides, snacks.

Our wish list 2011:

Finding sponsor money for 6 schools and production of 6 Bayu teaching material boxes to be distributed in 2012, together with the training of the teachers of 6 schools.

Finding a production and distribution company for our materials in order to lower production costs, to shorten production time and to secure long term distribution facilities.

Car : Euro 10.000,-
Books for the library : all books are welcome
School materials (pens, notebooks, etc) : all materials are welcome

Donations, small and large, are welcome and can be sent to:

Panin Bank
Jl Danau Tamblingan Sanur, Bali-Indonesia
N.M. van Heusden,
Jl Danau Batur 8, Sanur
Acc. nr : 8033010743
Swiftcode : PINBIDJA